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About Fidena Agri

FIDENA AGRI UGANDA LTD is the company ltd by shares registered in Uganda with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) in 2021 with a sole aim of improving Household income through Agri-business enterprises by building their capacity and linking the farmers to outside markets and Production skills empowerment, improved seeds distribution to farmers, marketing and marketing information

 Fidena Agri Uganda ltd has main office in Lira City and Branches in Kampala, Gulu, Arua ,Kyriandongo and Soroti 

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Our Vision

Fidena Agri Uganda Limited is a circular company that has been at the forefront of improving crop yields through food waste recycling into organic fertilizer. We believe in a world where increased farming activities is driven by organic fertilizer. We strive to convert food waste back to the food system inform of eggo farm folia fertilizer for food production and incomes.

Our Mission Statement

A vibrant Customer-focused and market driven services that fosters increased household incomes and food security.


Fidena Agri Uganda ltd is based on the values of circular economy, farming resillience, equality and solidarity.

We are here for you!

To carry on the business of processing ,reprocessing ,converting , researching ,developing ,refining , preparing, purifying ,piping, dyeing ,producing ,manufacturing, importing and exporting all kinds of chemicals


Organic fertilizer
Organic insecticide
Chili seeds
Chia seeds
Sesame seed
Soya bean
Cashew nut 


Training in agronomy
Training in briquettes making
Financial literacy
Business training
Climate adaptation and mitigation training
Training in candle making
Waste management training
Agribusiness training

Our Products

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Organic fertilizer

Eggo farm is 100% organic liquid fertilizer with absolutely no chemical added to it, it is 100% safe to use in any vegetable or crop.

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Organic insecticide

Kamula contains concerning levels of capcium annum, acephate and chlorpyrifos
It controls wide range of pest including white flies, aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, caterpillars, leafhoppers etc. it controls target pest effectively.

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Chili seeds

We produce and sell chilli seeds 

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Dry Chilli

We buy Grade A organic dry chilli from farmers and we sell to international large companies.

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We do training of different categories of people on how to make and use Briquette Charcoal that helps in saving the environment.

Vision and impact

Food circular leader

Increase crop yields

Food available&

Incomes for families 


-Get 170 kg of yields than of 450 kg per acre
-Lack affordable fertilizer
-Faces high farming cost
-126144 tons of eggs shell and banana peels wasted 


-45% yields increase
-100% Organic
-Soil fertility
-Easy to apply 


I tested it on my nursery bed of pines and cashew nuts and the fertilizer helped strengthen the seedlings in their pots making the stems softer and greener leaves back to their natural color, compared to other fertilizers.

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Obong Patrick

Nursery Bed Owner

My maize have yielded so much after I started using this fertilizer. My yields have gone high.

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Jessica Auma

Maize Farmer

Frequently Asked Questions

Kamula contains concerning levels of capcium annum, acephate and chlorpyrifos

1 – continues use of chemical fertilizer which toxic and are not friendly to the environment
2- High cost of fertilizer in market: coming up with this innovation has reduced the cost of fertilizer by 50% of which a small holder farmer who is poor can afford this fertilizer and improve the yield of his or her crop.
3- Food wastage

1 – Collecting of organic raw materials
2- Shade drying of raw materials
3 – Shorting impurities from the material
4 – Grinding material to powder form
5- Measuring and testing the standard of the powder material
6- Mixing and boiling to the required temperature
7- Cooling to the normal temperature
8 – Packaging and branding
9- Marketing 




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